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Queer Methods was a workshop that took place at Queercircle to explore the potential for queer methods in arts and health research and activism. It was born out of a collaboration between Hel Spandler (Asylum Magazine), Frances Williams (Queercircle), and Phoebe Eustance (Hospital Rooms). The three of us speculated as to whether it was possible to ‘queer’ (query or subvert) the mental health system using Asylum Magazine as exemplar/or tool. Hel told us how Asylum was recently rejected by one psychiatric institution on the grounds that its circulation amongst patients might be too ‘risky’, revealing the extent to which prohibitions, as well as possibilities, were prompted by its distribution.
    The workshop comprised Hel Spandler, Frances Williams, Phoebe Eustance, Tam Hart, Dolly Sen, Nicky James and Jess Oglethorpe.
    Visually documented by Smizz.